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Need crew or looking for a boat to sail on for the 2017 L2H?

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  1. Crew looking for a boat to sail on or skippers looking for crew. Just fill in and send the form on this page with the required details.
  2. Your information is received by the DSS office staff and will be added to the noticeboard list below.
  3. Crew and Skippers will be responsible for making contact with each other.
  4. Let us know if you want your details removed. The noticeboard will be cleared after the race event.

Skipper Seeking Crew

Quiros (18/08/2017)

Crew Role Required: Forward hand for Launceston to Hobart Race 2017 must be competent. Yacht Cole Pawtucket 35

Dates Needed: Practice in October /November  subject to fitting of new diesel and new standing rigging being completed

Contact Wayne on 0419 932 944 or email wayne.williams@live.com

FOOTLOOSE (17/08/2017)

Crew Role Required: Any role, any level of experience We normally compete in the long harbour and long races (Maria, L2H & Bruny) for any given season

Dates Needed: Summer season 2017

Contact Stewart on 0419 503 624 or email footloose881@gmail.com

Crew Available

Tim Ferguson (Yogi)  (16/10/17)
Experience: 8 L2H races, 2 Bruny Island yacht race, 1 Maria Island yacht race and winter series race on Ramrod also have been racing on Lawless in weekly races in Launceston.

Looking For: A ride in this year Launceston to Hobart yacht race

Contact on 0407 360 387 or email plasterd.yachting@hotmail.com

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