DSS | 23 Marieville Esp, Sandy Bay TAS 7005  03 6223 1977

2015 Entrants

Boat Name:       B & G Advantage
Owner:               Jeff Cordell
Skipper:             Jeff Cordell
Sail Number:    5441
Type of Boat:    Mumm 36
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Darryn White, Peter Picket, Jarryd Cohen, Alex Jarvis, Ian Stewart, Jim Thorpe and Gary Eiszele.

B&G Advantage from Bellerive Yacht Club is mumm36 which has competed in most of the L2H races. Its best result was a clean sweep in the inaugural race, winning line honours, IRC, AMS and PHS. This year B&G Advantage has added crew from its arch rival and sistership “Tas Paints” and we’re hoping to pinch a few ideas from Ian and Jim and hopefully finish ahead of boats in what’s looking like a very competitive mid size fleet. Crew are Jeff Cordell, Gary Eiszele, Jarryd Cohen, Peter Picket, Alex Jarvis, Darryn White, Ian Stewart and Jim Thorpe.

Boat Name:       Ciao Baby II
Owner:               Gary Cripps
Skipper:             Gary Cripps and Graham Mansfield
Sail Number:    SM6083
Type of Boat:    Sydney 38
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  BYC/DSS

Crew Members: Chris Sheehan, Mike Graver, Ian Picone, Mark Bayles, Simon Desmarchelier, Cameron Lynch, Peter Alexander and Mark Millhouse.

Boat Name:       Cromarty Magellan
Owner:               Richard Grant
Skipper:             Richard Grant
Sail Number:    K1
Type of Boat:    Knoop 39
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Joanna Breen, Alex Grant, John King, Greg Bradfield, Alex McLean, Peter Brooks ad Julie Binder.

Cromarty Magellan is a one off cruiser racer by Walter Knoop, built in 2000 for Dick Knoop. L2H 2014 was its first Offshore race under the current owners. Five of last years crew will return for another race along with 3 new crew members.


Boat Name:       Emotional Rescue
Owner:               Michael Hutchinson
Skipper:             Michael Hutchinson
Sail Number:    5
Type of Boat:    Hobie 33
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Grace Stearnes, Damien George, Tom Stearnes, Michael Viney.

Fish Frenzy

Boat Name:       Fish Frenzy
Owner:               John Wearne
Skipper:             John Wearne
Sail Number:    8100
Type of Boat:    Hick 35
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Stephen Keal, Matthew Keal, Stuart Griggs, Chris Bidgood, Chris Hutchinson and Andrew Coombe.

Footloose 2

Boat Name:       Footloose
Owner:               Stewart Geeves and Kaye Roberts
Skipper:             Stewart Geeves
Sail Number:    881
Type of Boat:    Young 88
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  RYCT/GBBC

Crew Members: Shaun Hancock, Paul Clayton, David Fulton, David Belbin, Andrew Baker and Andrea Watson.

Footloose is a timber Young 88 and built in 1984 by Milner Yacht Constructions in Launceston. Footloose is one of the first Young 88’s built in Tasmania. Her best results to date include overall winner of the 2010 L2H, winner of AMS division in the 2010 Maria Island Race as well as the 2014 and 2015 Maria race and overall winner in the 2009 Pipe Opener including the Cock of the Huon.

A regular competitor since 2010, Footloose is one of the smallest boats in this event, her crew hope to acquit themselves well against some of the glamour boats of the fleet.

Helsal V

Boat Name:       Helsal V
Owner:               Robert & Sally Smith
Skipper:             Robert Smith
Sail Number:    YC5974
Type of Boat:    Beneteau 40.7
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                   DSS

Crew Members: Sally Smith, Robert Woehler, Peter Chadwick, Nat Morgan, Leigh Johnston, Cameron Atkins and Barry Bruce.

Photo Illusion 6577

Boat Name:       Illusion
Owner:               David Brett
Skipper:             David Brett
Sail Number:    6577
Type of Boat:    Hanse 400e
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Hugh Tassel, Ian Brett, Brendan Boon, Christine McMinn, Colleen Darcey and Robert Virtue.

Illusion is a Hanse 400e fast racer/cruiser with a successful racing history in long races and twilight races in Tasmania since arriving from Sydney in 2013.

It Happens 5 - Copy (2)

Boat Name:       It Happens
Owner:               Mick Souter
Skipper:             Mick Souter
Sail Number:    9889
Type of Boat:    Mod Skiff 38
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  KYC

Crew Members: Phil Souter, Brent McKay, Oliver McKay, Gus McKay, Thomas Malone, Angus Souter, Duncan Mennitz and Nelson Brown.

It Happens is a modified Skiff 38, custom built in 1990 to a David Payne. It Happens has raced extensively in Sydney and Hobart under various Owners, and is back in Tasmania under the ownership of Kettering yachtsman Mick Souter, who will be competing in this years race with a mainly young local crew and a couple of ‘oldies’. It Happens has performed strongly at recent southern regattas, including a win in the Performance Cruising division at the 2015 Crown Series Regatta, and winner of the 2014 Cygnet Regatta.


Boat Name:       Kaiulani
Owner:               Malcolm & Linda Cooper
Skipper:             Malcolm Cooper
Sail Number:    137
Type of Boat:    Snook 30
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Amanda Spinks-Cooper, Peter Taylor, Wayne Wagg, John Hall, Bruce Wood and Judy Marshall.

Kaiulani has sailed in every Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race and has again entered to compete for an 9th year. Three crew members have also competed in all previous 8 L2H races on Kaiulani.

Lawless (960x1280)

Boat Name:       Lawless
Owner:               Stephen McElwee
Skipper:             Stephen McElwee
Sail Number:    SM28
Type of Boat:    Green 31
Division:            PHS
Club:                  PDYC

Crew Members: Alan Livermore, Nick McElwee, Tim Fergusson, Peter Haworth and Vince Anderson.

Lawless is a GRP Balsa Core Half Tonner built by Custom Yachts Melbourne in 1982 to a design by John Green. Lawless has competed in 4 Sydney to Hobart yacht races from 1982 to 1986 with the best result being 2nd in handicap in 1984 and has also competed in 2 Launceston to Hobart yacht races in 2010 and 2014. Under the ownership of current owner Steve McElwee Lawless preforms well under handicap in local club races.

Lock on Wood

Boat Name:       Lock on Wood
Owner:               Ron Akhurst
Skipper:             Ron Akhurst
Sail Number:    H100
Type of Boat:    Dubois 31
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Greg Curtin, Arthur Knight, John Wheatley, Sandra McManus and Doug Barry.

Lock on Wood is a Traditional Half Ton yacht and has completed four Sydney to Hobart yacht races and also a Launceston to Hobart yacht race with previous owners. This years Launceston to Hobart will be the first offshore race for the new owners.

martela 02 (1042x1280)

Boat Name:       Martela
Owner:               Anthony Williams
Skipper:             Andrew Davison
Sail Number:    7075
Type of Boat:    IMX38
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Anthony Williams, Zac Williams, Paul Mazengard, Lauren Davison, Kate Nunn, Jeremy Hill, Doug Steel, Caroline Walker and Adrian Nunn.

Martela is a seasoned offshore campaigner having competed in the last four Sydney to Hobart’s. This year the boat is entered in its first Launcestion to Hobart

MISTRAAL (678x1024)

Boat Name:       Mistraal
Owner:               Jacinta and Brett Cooper
Skipper:             Jacinta and Brett Cooper
Sail Number:    6515
Type of Boat:    Beneteau 57
Division:            Cruising
Club:                  DSS / RYCT

Crew Members: Frazer Read, Amanda Bowes, Jorja Cooper, Ester Read, Fred Barrett, Chris Keil, Scott Brain and Sandra Holloway.

Mistraal was purchased in November 2011 and has been cruised by her owners and two children up the East Coast of Australia. Mistraal has competed in the 2013 Hamilton Island and Magnetic Island race week’s and in 2014 competed in the Maria Island race and the 70th Sydney to Hobart yacht race finishing 1st in the Cruising Division for both races.

Boat Name:       Mr Burger Tasmania
Owner:               Peter Haros
Skipper:             Peter Haros
Sail Number:    3938
Type of Boat:    Northshore 38
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: David Haros, Robert Tuck, Derek Inglis, Mathew Denholm, Doug Watkins, Bruce Heywood and Cathryn Kerr.

Mr Burger Tasmania (Wings Three) a Northshore 38 arrived from Sydney in 2006 and has punched above her weight on several occasions, some of her best performances include the Maria Island Race 2010 PHS 1st & 2nd in AMS. Combined Clubs Long Series 2011-12 1st in PHS. In the 2012 L2H Wings came 3rd in PHS & AMS and in the 2012 Crown Series won Performance Cruising AMS and in 2013 winning both PHS & AMS. 


Boat Name:       Nexedge
Owner:               John Mills and Ian Douglas
Skipper:             John Mills
Sail Number:    R22
Type of Boat:    Lyons 40
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: John Nibbs, Tim Behrens, Leigh Blake, Tammy Potter, Nathan Mills, Ian Hunter, Craig King and Jay Nibbs.

Nexedge was originally named Micropay Cockoo’s Nest which won the 1993 Sydney to Hobart yacht race while finishing 2nd across the line. Nexedge has had a number of names including Rapscallion, Interim and Bombora before finally getting her current name. As well as being a strong local competitor in club racing in Hobart Nexedge has competed in several Sydney to Hobart, Melbourne to Hobart and other major offshore races.

This years Launceston to Hobart crew are a mixture of experience and youth.

obsession TPR2013 DSC_0191 (1280x848)

Boat Name:       Obsession
Owner:               David Allan
Skipper:             David Allan
Sail Number:    2999
Type of Boat:    Sydney 38
Division:            PHS
Club:                  PDYC

Crew Members: Rhys Witt, Georgia Derrick, Dave Derrick, Dimitri Skrinnikoff, Tristan Gourlay and Jamie Cooper.

Obsession is a standard Sydney 38, OD fractional rig with a good offshore record, The crew is made up pf mainly PDYC sailors with a depth of experience in offshore racing.  This year the ‘love boat’ is delivering crew members Rhys and Georgia to Hobart for their wedding.  Rhys and Georgia first met sailing on Obsession

Off-Piste (1024x768)

Boat Name:       Off-Piste
Owner:               Paul Einoder
Skipper:             Paul Einoder
Sail Number:    834
Type of Boat:    Beneteau Oceanis 34
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  RYCT

Crew Members: James Pirie, Greg Rowlings, Jamie Lawrence, Scott Mackie and David Ransley.

Planet X

Boat Name:       Planet X
Owner:               Michael Rowley
Skipper:             Michael Rowley
Sail Number:    10
Type of Boat:    Mod Huon 10
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Donovan Oak, Jory Linscott, Matthew Schofield, Tim Edwards, Sandi Paul and Tim Jones.

Planet X was built in an old apple shed by owner and skipper in 2003. This Huon 10 yacht, modified in consultation with naval architect Fred Barrett, has been a regular division competitor on the River Derwent. The Planet X crew consists of a core bunch of friends who have sailed together for years. A few extra crew have been recruited in order to complete this great little yachts second L2H.


Boat Name:       Pukana
Owner:              Andrew Matton-Johnson
Skipper:            Andrew Matton-Johnson
Sail Number:    12
Type of Boat:    Kaufman
Division:            PHS
Club:                  GBYC

Crew Members: Daniel Mountford, Simon Deloney and Rodney Barnes.

Pukana is again attempting to do the race after suffering mast damage in the delivery to Launceston two years ago. The crew have jointly eleven L2H races between them on larger yachts so as one of the smallest competitor in the fleet this will be a different experience for the crew. The ambition is to finish the race.

Reflection (927x1280)

Boat Name:      Reflection
Owner:              David Pring
Skipper:            David Pring
Sail Number:    6773
Type of Boat:    Beneteau
Division:            PHS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Jeff Ayton, Terry Rooney, Charmaine Tate and Bruce Moore.

Reflection is part of SailTime, the affordable way to sail. Based in Hobart, Reflection has been a regular crosser of Bass Straight and has both Lord Howe Island and Sydney to Hobart race experience. Reflection is available to hire/drive from the DSS.


Boat Name:       Remedy
Owner:               Russell Hibbert
Skipper:             Russell Hibbert
Sail Number:    S 62
Type of Boat:    Archambault
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  RMYS

Crew Members: Andrew Hibbert, Andy Doolan, Ian Lindsay and Andrew Robinson.

Remedy S62 – Archambault Grand Surprise, sailed by father and son, Russell and Andy Hibbert. Sailed with success two handed, and fully crewed for the longer distance races, on Port Phillip Bay. Remedy displays sleek and contemporary lines which has attracted a sleek and contemporary crew, who look forward to relishing a speedy off the breeze trip down the coast for Remedy’s first Launceston to Hobart race. The first National pies on offer at the finish line will be gourmet compared to their two day diet of soggy two minute noodles.

Silicon Ship 002 (1280x906)

Boat Name:       Silicon Ship
Owner:               David Wyatt and Gordon Clark
Skipper:              David Wyatt and Gordon Clark
Sail Number:    H 1
Type of Boat:    Knoop 32
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Andrew Olding, Glen Lucas, Mal Budd and Andrew Porter.

Silicon Ship was designed to the IOR Half Ton rating in 1980 by local yachting identity Walter Knoop. Numerous pennants and State championships in both IOR and IMS when sailed by Walter. Continued success with current owners Dave Wyatt and Gordon Clark include 3rd in AMS in the 2014 L2H and winner of the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy for best performed keelboat in the 2015 Royal Hobart Regatta.

Fork in road

Boat Name:       The Fork in the Road
Owner:               Gary Smith and Geoff White
Skipper:             Gary Smith
Sail Number:    TAS 100
Type of Boat:    Bakewell-White 45
Division:            PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                  RYCT/DSS

Crew Members: Adrian Herington, Daniella Polita, David Furmage, Paul Bottomley, Ross Daley, Scott Sutton, Sean Carey, Stephen Walker, Stuart Pitt, Tim Bannerman and Tim Maddock.

The Fork in the Road is Tasmanian built and carries Tasmanian Steve Walker sails and has a Tasmanian built rig.


Boat Name:       Tilt
Owner:               Peter Cretan
Skipper:             Peter Cretan
Sail Number:    F4913
Type of Boat:    Marten 49
Division:            PHS/IRC
Club:                  RYCT

Crew Members: Catherine Cretan, Adrian Van Loon, Soloman Foster, Robert Armstrong, Ben Ward, Janene Frawley, Jeremy Smith, George Cretan, Elissa McAninly, Gavin Adamson and Brian Kohl.

The new Tilt will be competing in its 2nd L2H race. Tilt sailed in the ABRW and AHIRW with great improvement. This year Tilt will sail the L2H with the same crew and a full main.


Boat Name:       Twitch
Owner:               Jim Bedford, Richie Upton and David Rust
Skipper:             Jim Bedford
Sail Number:    5885
Type of Boat:    Lexcen 31
Division:            PHS
Club:                  BYC

Crew Members: Richie Upton, David Rust, Aaron Mckibben, Wil Keys, John Grant and Noel Cook.

Twitch has been owned and sailed by the syndicate for four years. This will be her fourth consecutive Launceston to Hobart race. Twitch regularly sails in the Combined Clubs long distance series and the BYC winter and twilight series.

Boat Name:       Ultimate Challenge
Owner:               Peter Jenkins & Christina Schulthess
Skipper:             Peter Jenkins
Sail Number:    82
Type of Boat:    Dubois 40
Division:            PHS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Christina Schulthess, Joel Bultman, Grant Cooper, Patrick Durkin and Partick Hyman.

Winstead Wines (960x1280)

Boat Name:       Winstead Wines
Owner:               Neil Snare
Skipper:             Neil Snare
Sail Number:    6385
Type of Boat:    Northshore NSX38
Division:            PHS/AMS
Club:                  DSS

Crew Members: Jack McCullum, Jeremy Coles, Michael Hamilton, Rebecca Sunn, Stuart Addison, Tane Hunter and Toby Travers.

Winstead Wines arrived in Hobart 2 years ago in a “sorry” state. Since then the owners have been getting her back into race trim. It is the crews intention to sail the L2H safely, as quickly as they can, and have as much fun as possible whilst doing it..

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