DSS | 23 Marieville Esp, Sandy Bay TAS 7005  03 6223 1977

2016 Entrants

Boat Name:      ABSOLUT
Owner:              Richard Gates
Skipper:            Richard Gates
Sail Number:   R350
Type of Boat:   Archambault 35
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 RYCV

Crew: Tammara Potter, Scott Brain, Colleen Darcey, Andrew Davison, Steve Chau, Steve Standen and Dan Rushbrook.

Absolut is an Archembault 35, a well performed 35 foot cruiser racer. Actively competes near front of fleet in Div 2 on Port Phillip Bay.

Boat Name:      ALLUSIVE
Owner:              John Joyce
Skipper:            John Joyce
Sail Number:   TYC407
Type of Boat:   Lyons 47
Division:          PHS
Club:                 TYC

Crew: Rob Featherstone, Greg Brooks, Tim Freeman, Tim Gourlay, Mitch Ranson, Ian White and Jim Rogers.

A comfortable cruiser/racer which has competed in this race 3 time before.


Boat Name:      AMBITION
Owner:              Michael Jones
Skipper:            Michael Jones
Sail Number:   PD2013
Type of Boat:   Custom 32
Division:           PHS
Club:                 PDYC

Crew: Shayne Hansen, Brian Dabner, Scott Creedon, Derek Le Marchant and Scott King

From beers to ideas, to a 3 year build. Ambition is a 32ft performance cruiser. With the hull, deck and structure work completed in 2011 with the help of PB composites (P. Findlay), the final build and fit out was carried out by the extended Jones family and she touched the water on November 2013. This year she is crewed by a great bunch of mates looking to ease their way to Hobart in her first long stint offshore.


Boat Name:      AS GOOD AS IT GETS
Owner:              Ian Marshall & Susan Jack
Skipper:            Ian Marshall
Sail Number:   5846
Type of Boat:   Benneteau 40.7
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 BYC

Crew: David Paine, Stuart McGuinness, Grant Kleeman, John Grant, Paul Clayton, James Cowmeadow and Simon Delaney

As Good As It Gets (formerly Fruit Machine) was bought from Fremantle November 2015 trucked to Melbourne ans sailed home in February 2016. Has had very limited racing time due to skippers injury. Slowly learning the boat and sailing with a very competent crew with previous L2H experience.


Boat Name:      B&G ADVANTAGE
Owner:              Jeff Cordell
Skipper:            Jeff Cordell
Sail Number:   5441
Type of Boat:   Mumm 36
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Darryn White, Peter Picket, Jarryd Cohen, Gary Eiszele, Jim Thorpe, Ian Stewart and Alex Jarvis.

B&G Advantage is a modified mumm 36 which won line honours, IRC, PHS and AMS in the inaugural race. A clean sweep! Last year we were pipped at the post for 3rd over the line. It was a great recovery after a very slow race with weed around the keel for a few hours on the last night. Most of the crew sail regularly on the boat but with the addition of Ian ‘seaweed; stewart and Jim Thorpe from there rival boat ‘Tas Paints’.

Owner:              Michael Hutchinson
Skipper:            Michael Hutchinson
Sail Number:   5
Type of Boat:   Hobbie 33
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Michael Viney, Tom Stearnes, Michael Pritchard and Damien George.

Hobbie 33 one of 200 built in the USA in the early 1980’s, popular 10m for Transpac’s, 2nd in last years L2H.

Boat Name:      FILEPRO
Owner:              A22 Syndicate
Skipper:            Darren Clark
Sail Number:   A22
Type of Boat:   Lyons
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Tim Gadsby, Stephen Oliver, Graham Watkins, Harold Clark, Doug Watkins, Isaac Smith, Tim Roberts, Cameron Thrope and Clare Brown.

Filepro, a David Lyons-designed 40-footer originally named Micropay Cuckoos Nest, won the 1993 Sydney Hobart on corrected time after surviving a galeforce battering in the Tasman ocean. Since then the yacht has had a number of owners and names in various states, most recently as Nexedge. The boat was purchased by a syndicate of Bellerive Yacht Club members this year. The boat is sponsored by Filepro, an Australian owned software company specialising in practice management systems for law firms. Follow us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/FileProSailing

Boat Name:      FIRST LIGHT
Owner:              Ben Davidson
Skipper:            Ben Davidson
Sail Number:   4384
Type of Boat:   Adam 12
Division:           PHS
Club:                 RYCT

Crew: Howard Jones, Scott Powell, Roger Booth, Phillip Cook and Jim Sharman.

First Light is an Adams 12 built in Sydney in 1980, she has had a successful offshore and costal racing life in Sydney, achieving many podium awards with previous owners. She is now owned by Ben and Sophie Davidson, who purchased her in 2013, and enjoy cruising Tasmania and racing on occasion. She is a much loved boat and brings great joy to the Davidson family.


Boat Name:      FOOTLOOSE
Owner:              Stewart Geeves & Kaye Roberts
Skipper:            Stewart Geeves
Sail Number:   881
Type of Boat:   Young 88
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 RYCT/GBBC

Crew: David Belbin, Andrew Baker, David Fulton, Nick Smith and Laura Roper.

Boat Name:      FORCE ELEVEN
Owner:              Tristan Gourlay
Skipper:           Tristan Gourlay & Jamie Cooper
Sail Number:   3152
Type of Boat:   Adams 11.9
Division:           PHS/2HANDED
Club:                 DSS

Force Eleven is a modified Adams 11.9 sailed by Tristan Gourlay and Jamie Cooper taking on the Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race and a number of distance races double handed in preparation for the upcoming Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race in March 2018. The boat has proven herself to be quite a competitive double handed racer competing in the Melbourne to Vanuatu and other offshore races.

Boat Name:      GRACE
Owner:              Rob Gough
Skipper:            Rob Gough
Sail Number:   TBA
Type of Boat:   Hallberg Rassy 48
Division:           TBA
Club:                 DSS


Boat Name:      HEATHERLEA
Owner:              Steve Sonneveld
Skipper:            Steve Sonneveld
Sail Number:   NS380
Type of Boat:   Northshore 38 Cruising
Division:           PHS/Cruising
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Robert Houbaer, Ron Akhurst, Louise Sonneveld, Hugh J. Sweeney and John F. Sweeney

Heatherlea is a cruising version Northshore 38.


Boat Name:      HELSAL V
Owner:              Robert & Sally Smith
Skipper:            Robert Smith
Sail Number:   YC5974
Type of Boat:   First 40.7
Division:           TBA
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Sally Smith, Adrian Marsh, Rosemarie Marsh, Bary McIndoe, Barry Bruce and Peter Chadwick.

Boat Name:      HOT PROSPECT
Owner:              Scott Broadby
Skipper:            Scott Broadby
Sail Number:   M88
Type of Boat:   Farr 1104
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Catherine Jolly, Will Davies, Chris Riewoldt, Chris Hadrill and James Butler.

Hot Prospect is a Farr 1104. THis classic Bruce Farr design has a new owner.

Boat Name:      HYDRAPLAY
Owner:              Justin Hickey
Skipper:            Justin Hickey
Sail Number:   AUS176
Type of Boat:   Mini 6.5
Division:           PHS/2Handed
Club:                 CYCA/DSS

Crew: Rowan Trappes

HydraPlay is a mini transat designed by Romanelli it’s a Proto mini 6.5. It has campaigned extensively with it’s best result in the Mini Transat race in 2004 (16th) out of a fleet of 40. Its now owned by a Melbournian and will be its first L2H.

Boat Name:     GHD ILLUSION
Owner:              David Brett
Skipper:            David Brett
Sail Number:   6577
Type of Boat:   Hanse 400e
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Hugh Tassel, Angie Brett, Nick Brett, Diana Reale, Craig Squires, Stewart Cox, Chris Breen and Cambell Duncan.

Illusion is a Hanse 400e cruiser/racer, with a credible racing history since arriving in Tasmania in 2013

Boat Name:      KAIULANI
Owner:              Malcolm & Linda Cooper
Skipper:            Malcolm Cooper
Sail Number:   137
Type of Boat:   Snook 30
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Amanda Spinks-Cooper, Peter Taylor, Wayne Wagg, John Hall, Bruce Woods and Judi Marshall

Boat Name:      KAMEHAMEHA
Owner:              Kamehameha Syndicate
Skipper:            Frank Chatterton
Sail Number:   H17
Type of Boat:
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Steven Chatterton, Mark Woodward, Alan Nelson, Ben Woodroffe and Tim Munro.

Regular successful competitor in Half Ton and Div 6 fleets in Hobart for meny years. Competed in many Sydney to Hobart races in the 1980/1990 and won Hamilton Island series. 17th in the 2008 and 12th in the 2009 L2H.

Boat Name:      LAWLESS
Owner:              Stephen McElwee
Skipper:            Stephen McElwee
Sail Number:   SM28
Type of Boat:   Green
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 PDYC

Crew: Alan Livermore, Nick McElwee, Tim Ferguson, Dimitri Skrinnikoff and Vince Anderson.

Lawless skippered and owned by Stephen McElwee is competing in his fourth L2H this year. The boat finished 6th on PHS in 2014 and won both the race out of the Tamar River and Overall on PHS in 2015. Lawless has proven itself to be very successful in club racing from its home club of Port Dalrymple.

Boat Name:      MAKO
Owner:              Phil Soley
Skipper:            Phil Soley
Sail Number:   H77
Type of Boat:   Farr
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Guy McDougall, Michael Semelbaver, Carl Bresnehan, Chris Keil and Daryl Connelly.


Boat Name:      MASQUERADE
Owner:              Anthony Harman
Skipper:            Anthony Harman
Sail Number:   9404
Type of Boat:   Morgan 35
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Peter Alexander, Steven Davison, Brendon Noye, Graham Mansfield, Chris Sheehan, Rod Barnes and Cameron Lynch.

Masquerade was designed by John Morgan and updated by Fred Barrett (rig, sailplan and foils). Tony built Masquerade at home and lauched in 2005. Masquerade has achieved good racing success, achieving overall winner of the L2H in 2011. After a break from offshore racing for 2 years we Masqueraders are looking forward to returning to the L2H this year.

Boat Name:      MOONSHADOW
Owner:              Anthony Ellis
Skipper:            Anthony Ellis
Sail Number:   3952
Type of Boat:   Lotus 10.6
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Bruce Maher, Jim McCormack, Dean Haley, Adrian Levings and Angela Barrington.

Moonshadow is a cruiser,racer designed and built in NZ. Competes regularly predominantly in the Long Race and Twilight series. This will be the fourth time Moonshadow will compete, with the majority of the crew being the same as in 2012 with the addition of 2 newbies.

Owner:              Peter Haros
Skipper:            Peter Haros
Sail Number:   3938
Type of Boat:   Northshore 38
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: David Haros, Robert Tuck, Luke Kiely, Tony Van de Vusse, Tom McDougal, Matthew Denholm and Derrick Inglas.

Mr Burger (Wings Three) has been on the racing seen for 10 years in Hobart and has regulary punched above her weight. As a cruiser/racer the Northshore 38 is a very pleasurable boat to race particulary in longer races, off shore being not exception.


Boat Name:      NICKY C
Owner:              Ian Cooper
Skipper:            Ian Cooper
Sail Number:   61098
Type of Boat:   Schionning
Division:           Multihull
Club:                 RQYS/MYCQ

Crew: Debra Cooper, Simon Milroy, Roger Hinsch, Lauren Cooper, Brenden Cooper, Matthew Cooper and Ken Henderson.

Nicky C is a Schionning Cosmos 1430 Sailing Catamaran, designed and built in Australia as a performance – oriented cruising vessel. She is comfortably appointed with 3QS cabins, two toilets and 3 showers. She has full head-room throughout and is fully equipped with state of the art safety, communication and navigation equipment. Now living and sailing in Brisbane, the owner was born and learned to sail in Hobart.


Boat Name:      OFF-PISTE
Owner:              Paul Einoder
Skipper:            Paul Einoder
Sail Number:   834
Type of Boat:   Beneteau Oceanis 34
Division:           PHS/IRC/AMS
Club:                 RYCT

Crew: Greg Rowlings, James Pirie, Jamie Lawrence , David Ransley & Scott Mackie.

2014 L2H series winner and 2015 L2H overall winner.

Planet X

Boat Name:      PLANET X
Owner:              Mick Rowley
Skipper:            Mick Rowley
Sail Number:   10
Type of Boat:   Modified Huon 10
Division:          AMS/PHS
Club:                 DSS/BYC

Crew: Donovan Oak, Tim Jones, David Aplin, Jory Linscott, Peter Coad and Sandy Patterson.

Boat Name:      PHASE THREE
Owner:              Paul Strong
Skipper:            Paul Strong
Sail Number:   4819
Type of Boat:   Zeston36
Division:          PHS/Cruising
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Rod Cushion, Mark Koppelmaun and Malcolm Minty.

A Zeston36 is a well built comfortable cruiser built in Pittwater, designed b Joe Adams, spent the last 10 years at Roslyn Bay marina in Yeppoon, The crew and Paul delivered her to Sydney in Feb/March this year then completed the trip to Hobart in the first week in June.


Boat Name:      PRION
Owner:              John Dryden and Michelle Lucas
Skipper:            John Dryden
Sail Number:   763
Type of Boat:   Lyons Mount Gay 30
Division:          PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS/KYC

Crew: Michelle Lucas, Graham Stevenson and Russell Streckfuss.

Originally designed by David Lyons to the Mount Gay 30 box rule, this yacht has previously competed the L2H 2 handed and the Sydney to Hobart.

Boat Name:      PUKANA
Owner:              Andrew Matton-Johnson
Skipper:            Andrew Matton-Johnson
Sail Number:   12
Type of Boat:   Kaufman
Division:          PHS/2HANDED
Club:                 GBBC

Crew: Tim Williams

As one of the oldest and smallest boats in the fleet we are after a good race and to better last years time.


Boat Name:      RAD
Owner:              Brent McKay
Skipper:            Brent McKay
Sail Number:   4964
Type of Boat:   Radford
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 KYC

Crew: Gus McKay, Oliver McKay, Marcus McKay, Jai McKay and Matthew Stevens.

‘RAD’ formerly ‘RACE’ built in 1989 in NSW, designed by Radford Yachts. Completely rebuilt in 2015 by Steve Brinkoff, converting it to a modern sports yacht.

Boat Name:      RAMROD
Owner:              Tim Maddock
Skipper:            Tim Maddock
Sail Number:   R113
Type of Boat:   Modified Kaufman
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 RYCT

Crew: Eliza Grey, Matt Schofield, David Schofield, John Lawrence, Karl Schoe and Alison Merriden.

Ramrod is a modified Kaufman design and was built in the Huon. It returned to Tasmania from Melbourne in 2009 and was relaunched in 2011. A third placing in 2011 L2H was the boats first race in its modified form. It continues to be competitive in offshore events.

Boat Name:      REFLECTION
Owner:              David Pring
Skipper:            David Pring
Sail Number:   6773
Type of Boat:   Beneteau
Division:           PHS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Jeffrey Ayton, Dean Fisher, Fergus Ayton and Brett Campbell.

Based in Hobart, Reflection has been a regular crosser of Bass Straight and has both Lord Howe and Sydney Hobart Experience.


Boat Name:      RQSIX
Owner:              Mike Church
Skipper:            Mike Church
Sail Number:   RQ6
Type of Boat:   Farr 36
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 KYC

Crew: Amanda Beecroft, Ric Beecroft, Michael Burrows, John Rayner and Edward King.

A Farr 36 built as a match racer by Hitech Boats in Western Australia, she ended up at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron hence ‘RQ6’. Purchased by the current owner in 2011 and now fitted out as a cruiser/ racer. Completed L2H 2012 and finished 15th, places well in KYC twilights and long races.


Boat Name:      RUMBEAT
Owner:              Justin Barr
Skipper:            Justin Barr
Sail Number:   SM3598
Type of Boat:   Farr 1104
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS/RYCT

Crew: Stuart Higgins, Greg Khull, Steve Laird, Andrew Burnett, Brenden Quirk, Chris Morris and Bob Willis.

Boat Name:      SHERE KHAN
Owner:              Phil & Naomi Watkins
Skipper:            Phil Watkins
Sail Number:   5407
Type of Boat:   Jarkan
Division:           PHS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Naomi Watkins, Luke Watkins, Calista Kerns-Stokes, Adam Marmion, Charles Connelly, Jason Whitehead and Alexandra Hagerty.

Boat Name:      SILICON SHIP
Owner:              David Wyatt and Gordon Clark
Skipper:            David Wyatt and Gordon Clark
Sail Number:   H1
Type of Boat:   Knoop
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Andrew Porter, Mal Budd, Andrew Olding and Phil Collidge.

Silicon Ship was designed to the IOR halfton rating in 1980 by Walter Knoop. Recent success includes winning the Sir Thomas Lipton trophy in 2014 and 3rd place in both the PHS and AMS handicap categories in 2015


Owner:              Doug Barry
Skipper:            Doug Barry
Sail Number:   50
Type of Boat:   Northshore 38
Division:           PHS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Richie Upton, David MacFarlane, Greg Swan, Sandy McManus, Sam Gray, David Rust and Bruce House.

Southern Swordfish is a Northshore 38 built by cavalier. It has been raced and sailed extensively. The owner has done two L2H races on other boats and the crew has extensive racing and offshore cruising experience, including this boat. All are counted as good friends of the owner. We are looking forward to competing and having a good time while doing so.

Boat Name:      STEELIN TIME
Owner:              Allan Warren
Skipper:            Allan Warren
Sail Number:   12
Type of Boat:   Knoop 32
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 GBBC

Crew: Chris Costelloe, Paul Bonnitcha, Tim Marszalek and Graeme Evans.

Steelin Time is a Knoop 32 was the overall winner of L2H 2014 and second on PHS. This will be most of the crews 4th L2H on various yacht.


Boat Name:      TALOFA
Owner:              Rob Cawthorn
Skipper:            Rob Cawthorn
Sail Number:   1988
Type of Boat:   Northshore 38
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 KYC

Crew: Steven Reid, Ryan Cawthorn, Stuart Page, Matt Rogers and Tony Krakawiak.

Boat Name:      THE FORK IN THE ROAD
Owner:              Geoff White and Gary Smith
Skipper:            Gary Smith
Sail Number:   TAS100
Type of Boat:   Bakewell White
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 RYCT/DSS

Crew: Adrian Herrington, Stuart Pitt, Daivd Furmage, Tobias Fahey, Sean Carey, Ross Daley, Steve Walker, Scott Sutton, Tim Bannerman, Paul Bottomley and Charlie Connor.


Boat Name:      TILT
Owner:              Peter Cretan
Skipper:            Peter Cretan
Sail Number:   4913
Type of Boat:   Marten 49
Division:           PHS/IRC
Club:                 RYCT

Crew: Robert Armstrong, Gavin Adamson, Solomon Foster, Paul Nanscawen, Catherine Cretan, Daniella Polita, Adrian Van Loon, Edward Snowball, Jeremy Smith, Ben Ward and Janene Frawley.

Peter and Catherine Cretan have planned a busy summer season of racing for Tilt and a highlight will be this L2H. Tilt will have a crew of 11 on board and will be best suited to heavier upwind conditions. Peter and Catherine plan to cruise again to north Queensland in 2017 which will involve several regattas.

Boat Name:      UBIQUE OF HOBART
Owner:              Christopher Brearley
Skipper:            Christopher Brearley
Sail Number:   4112
Type of Boat:   Bristol Channel Cutter
Division:           PHS/Crusing
Club:                 KYC

Crew: Noel Cook, Joshua Iles and Gary Pritchard.

Ubique of Hobart is a 32′ Bristol Channel Cutter. Originally designed to work in the Bristol Channel over 200 years ago. Lyle Hess has drawn inspiration from these original working boats and adapted the plan for modern requirements. Ubique of Hobart was built in 2002 in Tasmania from Tasmanian timber.

Owner:              Peter Jenkins
Skipper:            Peter Jenkins
Sail Number:   582
Type of Boat:   Dubois
Division:           PHS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: TBC

After an extensive 10 month refit Ultimate Challenge was cutting it fine to make the start of last years L2H. Unfortunately she suffered some damage on the way North and did not make the start line. The vessel is now in great shape and the crew are back with some unfinished business!!


Boat Name:      WILD WEST
Owner:              Michael & Michelle Denney
Skipper:            Michael Denney
Sail Number:   Z39
Type of Boat:   Bakewell White Z39
Division:           PHS/AMS/IRC
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Michelle Denney, John Dawson, Frank Bidesowski, Eliott Noye, Sam Tiedemann, Royce Salter and Julian Salter.

The boat originally called BMW Yachtsports raced in New Zealand, purchased by a Melbourne owner in 2012 and renamed. Mimi was setting up to compete in the M2O race and purchased by Michelle and Michael in 2015 and renamed Wild West.

Boat Name:      WINSTEAD WINES
Owner:              Neil Snare
Skipper:            Neil Snare
Sail Number:   6385
Type of Boat:   Northshore
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew:Toby Travers, Stuart Addison, Tane Hunter, Joseph Kowaluk, Dana Elphinstone, Dean Jackson and Keith Deverell.

Winstead Wines is a Northshore NSX38. This will be her third L2H.

Boat Name:      Y NACHT
Owner:              Phil Wilkinson and Glenn Frame
Skipper:            Phil Wilkinson
Sail Number:   B461
Type of Boat:   Beneteau Oceanis 461
Division:           PHS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Glenn Frame, Joshua Wilkinson, Craig Joel, Jason Elmer, Nicholas Watt and Glenn Boughen.

Y Nacht is a 1998 Beneteau Oceanis 461. She has been co-owned and co-skippered by Glenn Frame and Phil Wilkinson since 2011 and is competing in her third L2H. The crews aim is to safely arrive in Hobart prior to NYE and have at least one boat behind us.


Boat Name:      YOUNG ONE
Owner:              Gerard Smith
Skipper:            Gerard Smith
Sail Number:   1881
Type of Boat:   Young 88
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 BYC

Crew: Simon Coad, Damian Schramm, Roger Masters and Nick Woods.

Young One is a modified Young 88. It has been a regular competitor in local twilight and long distance races with its current owner. This is Young One’s second L2H, competing in 2014 and finishing with a good result. hoping to achieve the same this year.


Boat Name:      ZEPHYR
Owner:              Ian Johnston
Skipper:            Ian Johnston
Sail Number:   HKG1943
Type of Boat:   Farr 41 mx
Division:           PHS/AMS
Club:                 DSS

Crew: Ian Hoyle, Tom Hoyle, Don Hoyle, Karl Van Drunen, Shaun Hancock, Des Sward, Cheryl Sward

Zephyr is an elegant Farr 41 mx built in Auckland, NZ by McDell Marine. It sports a comfortable cruising layout yet is a powerful race boat with a  2.7m draft. Zephyr has successes in the 2016 in the DSS Winter Series, DSS Short Handed Series (Spinnaker) and MYCT Twilights. Her twin wheels and great racing ergonomics, along with experienced crew should make the 10th L2H a great experience.

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